the ore lamp

The unique tactile form of the ORE lamp allows it to be placed in multiple positions, providing a suitable lighting solution for different situations.

This lamp exploits the structural properties of felt and polypropylene to create a versatile form. Inspired by the book Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough, which discusses the idea of a circular economy; a model based on nature, where eventually everything becomes nutrients for something else. When the lamp is no longer needed, the materials can easily be split up into two types; those that can be used as nutrients for nature and those that can be recycled to be used again to create new products. 


Shown at the BBM Exhibitions in Selfridges (Birmingham), the Milan Expo 2015, and at the British Embassy in Brussels. As well as the Concept Room Exhibition and the OED Studio Artisanal Digest Exhibition as part of the Milan Furniture Design Week.