mechanical primordial

mechanical primordial

This collection was done in collaboration with Fashion Designer, Elisabeth Kamaris. I worked with Alex Round to produce the plywood paneling for each outfit as shown. The plywood was screen printed before lamination to create a unique visual contrast and composition. The garments shown were produced by Kamaris.


The pieces were exhibited at the 2015 Graduate Fashion Week in London and got through to the final round. A piece was also exhibited as part of the BBM Design Expo in Birmingham, Milan and Brussels in 2015.

A description of the inspiration for the collection, words by Elisabeth Kamaris:

"My collection, named 'Mechanical Primordial' came from the idea of recreating a metaphorical puppet show, which represents my personal beliefs on today's Western Society. 'Mechanical" refers back to our individual selves as human beings within society; essentially we are all in place and constructed within this world to hold it all together. Each soul is beneficial in supporting and piecing our world together- This is my optimistic outlook.
However, today's Western Society is governed by Capitalist ideologies of Globalisation and Imperialism, which metaphorical leaves us as a sort of puppet in our own show. We are governed by rules, laws and regulations that we don't fully agree with to some extent, but still accommodate ourselves in society without fighting back. 
A cultural revolution which was evident in fighting against the 'Norm' was the appearance of DADA in Art during the early 20th century. Retrospectively, I am referencing the silhouettes and juxtapositions of the resources/performances and pieces during this highly creative and experimental era. 
My research continues with the classic drapery of the early 20th Century Greek/Turkish conflict in addition to the concept of movement, deconstruction and multi-utillities of travel. I continue to look at differential references of the Shadow Puppet Theatre 'Karagiotis' and Lindsay Kemp's extraordinary influence of Punk in the 1970's to David Bowie and the theatricality of Marcel Marceau."